2017 News


Martin gave an invited talk at the Institut de Recherche en Biologie Végétale of the Université de Montreal. The presentation stream is found here


Martin participated in the Royal Society Theo Murphy International Meeting: "The terrestrial laser scanning revolution in forest ecology" in Chicheley, UK. He presented a poster by Jean-François Tremblay on preliminary results from his target less registration algorithm.

Martin presented ongoing work at the Digital Forest Lab during the RCN TLS group meeting at University College London


Staff News
Moritz Bruggisser has joined the digital forest lab as a PhD student. He recently graduated from the University of Zurich. He will be working on estimating leaf area density from terrestrial lidar in conifer forests, and on the simulation of airborne and spaceflight lidar measurements from TLS-based structure descriptions

Funding from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund program of the Canadian Foundation for Innovation has been approved to provide the digital forest lab with a Riegl VZ-400 terrestrial laser scanner. Field work is scheduled to start in summer 2017!

2016 News


Martin co-organized a workshop on the use of TLS in ecology "Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Ecology – New field technology to help measure and monitor vegetation structure" held during the Ecological Society of Australia annual meeting in Freemantle, Western Australia, co-sponsored by Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN)

Martin visited the Biomet lab at UC Berkeley

Martin co-convened a session on deriving and using forest structure information during the AGu Fall Meeting in San Francisco: "Forest Structure from Lidar: Getting and Using Structure to Monitor and Model Changes in Forest Ecosystem Functions and Services"


Jean-Francois Tremblay presented his target-less TLS point cloud registration algorithm "Un algorithme pour l’alignement sans cible de scans LiDAR terrestre en forêt" at the TLS Workshop in Sherbrooke, Quebec: 6ième édition de l’atelier T-Lidar pour la communauté francophone Utilisation de nuage de points à haute densité pour l’écologie forestière


"Removing bias from LiDAR-based estimates of canopy height: accounting for the effects of pulse density and footprint size" Jean-Romain Roussel, John Casperson, Martin Beland, Alexis Achim; submitted to Remote Sensing of Environment

All presentations from the May 2016 Workshop on the use of lidar in forests are available online in French and English at http://atelierlidar.ffgg.ulaval.ca/horaire/